Welcome Party for Freshmen

September 10, 2009

We are second grade in  Lishan senior high now. So we prepared a party for “Freshmen” on 26, 27 August. The work of preparing is so complicated and difficult. Although we were too busy, we still feel it worthwhile.

We arranged performances for them, including band shows, sexy and hot dance, boy scout video’s show.


We were soooooooooo happy to see them, the freshmen of Lishan.


What’s in our blog

June 8, 2009

First, thanks for visiting our blog 

 We’re going to be Lishan senior high chairman and vice-chairman, so we decided to create this blog.

 And, we’ll write more articles about the other’s clubs in Taiwan, Taipei, because our school has few clubs.

We certainly are curious about the others clubs in other high school. We’ll write some article about their presentation, school clubs activities…. Many things we could post! 🙂

If we can, we’ll going to post 1~2 articles once a week. To give you more information,

 we’ll perhaps Polls and communicate with MSN.